The Classic Siliconce Swim Cap. From Leisure Operators to Independent Swim Pools Classic Silicone Swim Caps are a thicker swim cap than the Super Soft Swim Cap , perfect for Swim Clubs.

We only provide high quality classic silicone swim caps, a 50g swimming cap.

One Colour Print or a Multiple.

Classic Silicone Swimming Caps Can be printed with a one colour print or unto 6 different colours.

High Spec Silicone Swimming Caps.

From a high spec classic swimming cap , you may wish to consider moving up to a dome race cap for swimming competition.

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Who uses classic silicone swimming caps?

Swimming Club

The Swimming Clubs favourite choice of Swim Club is the Classic Silicone swimming cap.

New Tri-V1

Triathlon Club

The most popular Swimming Cap for the Triathlon Club is the Classic Swim Cap.

School Swim Team

The School Swimming team mostly use the Classic Swimming Cap.

Swim Schools

Swim Schools often order the Classic Swimming Cap is the super soft silicone swim cap.

Open Water Swimming Event

The most popular Swimming Cap for the event sector is a Super Soft Silicone Cap. Although sometimes the Classic Swim Cap is sometimes used.

Outdoor Pools

A whole range of Silicone Swimming Caps can be use for open air pools , however the Super Soft Silicone Cap is often the most popular.

Other Printed Swimming Caps