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What is triathlon? its a sport in which you swim , bike and run, this is a very popular pass time, the Uk has a huge participantion up take this is often a very big number is some events, the Tri events are on across the age groups, and very often kids as young as 8 take part. If you take part in any Triathlon events then its most likely you will require a customised swim cap, we offer a full range of custom swim cap printing services all with 10% discounts.

Kids Tri Events | UK

During even the most basic of triathlons the competittion is tough, the childeren are very competive and get ivolved, some of the jnr events are taking place in open water such as the sea, and some take place in lakes.Across the UK Into Tri is a great way to get your kids into Triathlon.

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Across many counties young \Triathletes take part in indoor events, this is that the swimming part of the triathlon is indoors at lesuire centres, the pool is heated and once the swim is finished the kids then go stright outside and get on there bikes ready for the biking part.

Before they run- One of the most popular events or series of events takes place run by INTO TRI the orgainse the events and supply the PRINTED race numbers, Along with PRINTED SWIMMING CAPS , and a CUSTOMISED MEDAL.