Day: 10 December 2019

Benefits OF 50m Swimming Training

Swimming Training 50m Swimming Clubs with a 50m Pool | In UK Are you looking for a swimming club in the UK with a 50m pools? its tricky, across the UK the 50m swimming pool is a rare thing, its often a very expensive facility for a local council to build, many 50m swimming pools […]

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Sea Cadets Swimming Championships

Customised Swimming Sea Cadets Swimming Events | Swimming Competitions  If you live close to the sea you will have a possible oppertuniy to join a sea cadet club, the sea cadet clubs often are also inland, they are very popular inland as most young swimmers like the idea of sea based activity, and this […]

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UK Triathlon Info

Info For New Triathletes | Tri Events Triathlon Swimming Events | Across The UKĀ  What is triathlon? its a sport in which you swim , bike and run, this is a very popular pass time, the Uk has a huge participantion up take this is often a very big number is some events, the Tri […]

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