Open Water Swimming Training

Top Tips For Open Water Swimming

Are you thinking about Open Water Swimming? taking the dip and jumping into the sea , a lake , or a river ? before you do , make certain its a safe place to swim, it could also be that your considering an open water swimming event , maybe for charity , or for just a lifetime challenge. We ever it is , have a thought about how your going to train, open water swimming events are tough, and if its a windy day the surface of any water your in maxwell be choppy.

First Steps to Swim Train

If you competing in open water in the Spring – Summer – Autumn you may find it warm , and even very war if you have a wet suit on , if you wait to the spring to do any training then you may find it very difficult to compete well, you mayn’t have the fitness you hoped for if you leave it to late:

Swimming Training in the Pool

For improved Fitness in the Pool you must try to swim correct sets that will build open water swimming fitness , the long endurance sets that are so important are often missed out by swimmers training for an open water event , take care to add 400-500-1000m training sets into your program.

Hold Correct Swimming Pace

Holding good pace on an Open Water swim, building fitness so endurance to strong can be tricky , the  { HR } heart rate should be at a 80-85% of MAX to gain a strong base of fitness for prolonged periods , ?Ie training sets of 8x200m or 4×400 at the desired pace.

Use of Swimming Training Aids

If your training for Open Water Swimming Events then apart from swimming training sets the other options are to use training aids , these aids are perfect for adding additional skill or strength, the training aids most commonly used are the pull buy , the kick board, the front end training snorkel, or the swim training fins.

Swimmers of ALL Ages

Many swimmers across the world take part in open water swimming , and swimming events , training across the world can vary quite a bit, the main training in the UK is undertaken in swimming pools, during the winter months, if your training for anything over 1k its advised that the swimming training you do is at least 2,000 + so that you can build up a strong platform.Below you can find some examples of this type of swimming training.The training below is pretty much suitable for all ages, however the sets may require a little changing dependant on the type of swimmer.

Training sets based around the one hour mark

Warm ups can be pretty basic, but should always be done. The average set per warm up can be 8-10 minutes sometimes a little longer, always start slowish during open water swimming training , if your looking to build up some strength maybe add a little land training into your warm up:

The set below can be added to any swimmers program that has an intermediate level of fitness –

4x500m Swimming steady with a pull buoy 60 seconds rest at 500m

2x800m swimming steady with a HR that 85% of your max – 90 seconds rest at 800m

12x100m +5 seconds rest strong pace 90% effort

32×25 +5 seconds rest strong pace , don’t loose count

2x1500m swim easy with 3 min recovery