Open Water Swimming Events UK

Thinking of an Open Water Swim Events 2019

An Open Water Swimming Event maybe on your list of todo this year, its a wonderful experience swimming in the open air , and to take part in an Event is even better. Many events take place in lakes, Rivers, and the Sea. Its true to say the most popular Open Air Swims are made when the sun is out and its Summer! A Customised Swim Cap waits you!

UK Open Water Events

The Open Water Swimming Event will have numerous listings  around the UK, and the  Open Water Swimming Magazine is a great place find out which are the most suitable to your ability. On the Website they have called, a perfect website for all of the swimming events outside taking place during the year.

Open Water Swimming Events in the Sea

The Sea is always nice to swim in , many swimmers swim open air each year, and some swim all year round, this is a very new experience to some. And taking part in an event with 100s of other swimmers can be quite daunting. During the training process many swimmers look at pool swimming , the swimming pool allows a new swimmer to build water fitness and confidence in preparation for the big swim out doors! If your swimming all along you should consider a Bright Swimming Cap.

Swimming Training For Open Water

Open water swimming is difficult , its particularly difficult if the wind and wave s are strong , training in the swimming pool can build up strength and power if you do the correct training types, but what are the correct training training types?

High End Aerobic Swimming

Boost Your Aerobic Swimming fitness with middle distance swimming training , the middle distance sets i.e. 400m – 600m swam at the strong pace will bring up the bodies strength and stamina. This allows the swimmer to tackle any bumpy open water swimmer situations, it also allows the swimmer to swim faster for longer.

Mid-End Aerobic Swimming

A moderate swimming speed , or other wise know as Mid, low end swimmer will assist in improving the bodies endurance , the ability to swim for longer i.e. 1k 2k 5k or even 10k swimming , its best developed in the pool by swimming sets of 1,000m and 1,500 to 2,000m sets, its a tough distance, but worth it.

What Swimming Equipment Is Required

Swimming equipment has come on a long way since the days of swimming events, swimming kick boards swimming training fins , swimming goggles, wetsuits , swim training snorkels , swimming kit bags, swimming hand paddles. Many of the swim equipment bits out there and available today is good stuff perfect for getting your fitness up. If you looking for advice on drills for swimming then try checking out

Using A Bright Swimming Cap

Swimming in Open Water can be very dangerous , with open water areas around the UK  which are filled with hazards.If your training for an event take precautions, wearing a bright swimming cap may save your life, and often something such as a silicone swim cap will be all thats required.

How far should I swim to get swim fit?

Swimming training plans are tricky to refine, how far should you swim and for what length of time, the Open Water Race you may have entered could be as short as 1k , not to tricky to train for if you simply wish to get round the route or laid out swimming course. However if you have signed up for 5- 10 and even further K swim s then you really should get a swimming program together.

Focus on Swim Training Principles

Key factors are important , gain a fitness base , develop swimming skill with drills and skills, you may consider some additional swimming coaching. An Endless Pool Facility is a great place to see your swimming stroke and get some advice. During your weekly swimming training aim for a focus on aerobic system break down and don’t forget some anaerobic threshold type swimming training.