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What is Swim England School Framework

Swim England’s Pre School swimming  Framework is about building the beginnings of loving the water , learning to swim , swimming and development.Every child in the UK should be given a firing chance to learn to swim, and feel like they are comfortable able to do so in any situation, which may save there life one day. Swim England believe that the first experiences during a child’s early years are the very most important. No fear , getting to grips with water floatation , water skills , and swimming strokes are key. The Swim Pathway lesson plan also has swimming caps to wear.

Swim England Confidence, and Awards and Stroke Development

The main focus areas of the PreSchool Framework

  1. To giving children lots of confidence from a very young age
  2. Teach children the core skills needed to learn and improve the four strokes through fun and  water based games
  3. During the Swim England Pathway Swimming Caps , Customised are used.

The Pre*School swimming framework is about helping to support younger, less independent swimmers, IE NON swimmers and pre-school children and babies.The pathway also caters for toddlers, helping to keep them motivated if they are struggling with building water confidence, or are a little shy to water.The Swim England swimming Teacher is guided into this process via a structured learning process which sees the development stages progressively put forward and integrated into the various levels of qualifications on offer.

Swim England Duckling Awards

The Swim England Pre School Framework Awards are just right for small babies, from  new birth and new to the world. They are also great for pre-school children who are new to swimming. Its usually parents or carers who will attend swimming lessons with their babies or young children and join them in the water. This helps to provide reassurance for the child and gives the parent or carer confidence in assisting their child in the water.

Four separate Awards are available which begin with an introduction to the water and swimming environment through fun and games.

Duckling Awards

These Swim England Pre-School Framework Awards are a natural follow on from the Swimming Discovery Duckling Awards. They are fully aimed at those children who are old enough to follow instructions from the teacher or coach,  and can move on their own freely in the water.They do give the child more independence and start to build their confidence in water. These Awards are used to slowly build up the child ready for the Learn to Swim Framework Stages, and are very progressive providing the child regular attends the swim lesson.

Duckling Awards Small Pools

During the Swim England process swimmers as you as 1 yr can take part, water skills , confidence skills , blowing bubbles , floatings and simple skills can be all achieved, usually its simple stuff but very effective. Once young swimmers like this are getting to grips with these basics they can then move onto the more advanced skills.

Printed Swimming Caps Services

The ASA , and now swim England, learn to swim Stages from 1to 7 + 8 +9 10 Awards are divided into great progressive stages. They do make up the core bones, national syllabus of learning to swim for young primary school aged children. Many children using floats and swimming goggles often have customised swimming caps, these are given to them by swim schools , and the swim cap will often have the swim school logo printed on.

They are designed to reward the swimmer for their development of the essential  water based aquatic skills they need to be really confident, competent and safe in the water environment.

Each of the Learn to Swim Stage Swim England swimming Awards has a list of clear to see outcomes that need to be completed in order to gain each Award, and its important these are achieved properly in order to pass.