Open Water Swimming

Are you running an Open Water Swimming Event 2019

If your running an Open Water Swim Event this 2019 then your in luck! We are offering amazing discounts on bulk orders of customised swim caps! Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps are looking like the most popular year in and year out, the amazing low cost means that they are even better than Latex on Cost.

The Super Soft Silicone Cap

Its a fantastic low cost swimming cap , perfect for ALL heads , even long hair, the Super Soft Silicone Cap goes on the head quickly , and with amazing strength , perfect for Open Water Swimming Events. The Super Soft comes in a large range of colours, with the pink , green , orange and yellow the most popular.

Bulk Discounts on Silicone Swim Caps

We can offer discounts that are truly amazing , and with the one colour print coming in the most popular , we offer a service of both sides , and at no extra costs, and with larger orders you also get FREE shipping , and FREE set ups.

Swimming Event Coloured Swim Cap

With a Swimming Event the swimming is frantic , and seeing all the swimmers together looks like it could be difficult to manage , the general safety measure is to always have BRIGHT swimming caps, if the sun goes in then the caps look even better , and a safe bet if you have more that just a few swimmers!