Silicone Swimming Caps

Printed Swimming Caps Services

We specialise in large to medium sized Printed Swimming Caps orders for the leisure industry and independent swimming pools , but if you have a small order for us we are happy to help , our min order is 25 units dependant of type of Silicone - we don't have a maximum order no size to big.

The printed or customised swim cap as its other wise know, is perfect for all swimmers, from young to old, swimming club , swim school, open water swim event, triathlon club , open water swimming club the list is indeed endless.

Silicone Printed Swim Caps fully customised are perfect for the job, here at Elite Swim Caps with specialise in customised swimming caps, we print onto both sides of the swim cap, and have an amazing range of colours available.

During the swim cap printing process the swim cap is placed on a template , this is a high spec job , from here its fully printed to requirements. , which maybe black , white or even multiple colours.

The Printed - Swim - Cap has been around for many years , using printed swimming caps during swim training and swim competition not only keeps the head dry but allows the streaming of the swimmer to improve.

Printed Swim Caps - Trade Prices Silicone Swimming Caps

Customised Swim Caps .com provide a large range of top quality Silicone Swimming Caps for the leisure Industry and beyond, we are also in a position to service any other sector requiring customised swimming caps and are able to deliver your club , school or open water venue anywhere in Europe.We can offer school or event logo in bespoke single or mulit-coloured print , the choice is yours. Whether you require swimming caps for racing in the pool, training, fitness swimming or just hair protection at swimming lessons, we are here to help and offer the highest service possible. All of our caps are highly durable, hypo-allergenic and are comfortable to wear even for the longest swim sessions. If your looking for Classic Silicone , Super Soft Silicone or Dome Silicone Race Caps we are here to help , and all at discounted trade prices.