Silicone Swimming Caps

The Silicone Swimming Cap

The Customised Swimming Cap for Swim Schools , Swimming Clubs , Triathlon Clubs , Open Water Swimming Events , Swimming Schools , and any body who requires swimming caps for swimming! The Silicone Swimming Cap is by far the best type of swimming cap across the world , the latex cap is the lowest cost available.

The Swim Team Swim Cap

Silicone Caps are perfect for swimming teams , they can be printed on quite simply with our multi print swim cap printing press, the press runs out 50 swimming caps every 30 minutes , any team logo will have a perfect outline once its high res PDF or Jpeg has been sent over to us.

Perfect for the Triathlon  Club

The Classic Silicone Swim Cap is a perfect Swim Cap for the Triathlon Club, many Tri Clubs use them as the are highly tough and long lasting providing the quality is good, we use a Classic Silicone Caps  which are 50g caps.